Senior ML/DL Engineer

Fetcherr Poland · Full-time

About The Position

Senior Data scientist / Machine / Deep Learning Engineer!

We are seeking a talented senior machine learning engineer / data scientist to help us advance our machine learning capabilities. The ideal candidate should be a self-driven, motivated, and independent thinker who is passionate about using data and machine learning to drive business outcomes.


• Develop and implement cutting-edge machine learning models and algorithms for demand forecasting applications.

• Conduct research and experimentation to identify and evaluate new approaches for improving model accuracy and performance.

• Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including business stakeholders, data engineers, and software developers, to deploy and maintain machine learning systems in production.

• Mentor and train junior team members, promoting best practices and fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

• Communicate technical findings and insights to non-technical stakeholders, including executives and other decision-makers.



Must have:

  • 6+ years of hands-on experience in data science and machine learning.
  • Expertise in time-series forecasting, with experience working in demand forecasting or related contexts.
  • Strong coding skills in Python and SQL, with experience using related open-source libraries and frameworks, including TensorFlow/PyTorch and Pandas.
  • Experience building tabular machine learning models using gradient boosting methods and deep learning
  • Strong understanding of machine learning systems in production, including good coding practices for testing, reproducibility, and version control.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Nice to have:

  • Degree in Computer Science, Statistics, or related quantitative field.
  • Published papers, patents, or professional posts.
  • Experience in leveraging deep learning and machine learning in domains such as finance/trading, reinforcement learning, or natural language processing.
  • Experience with MLOps and cloud platforms like GCP.
  • Experience with workflow orchestration tools like Apache Airflow or Dagster to schedule and monitor machine learning workflows.
  • Strong data visualization and data analysis skills.
  • Knowledge of code optimization, cloud computing, containerization, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.
  • Competitive programming and data science (Kaggle like) exp

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