Flying into the Future: How Tech is Shaping the Airlines Business
Date: June 11, 2023
Category: Podcasts

In this episode of “Flying into the Future: How Tech is Shaping the Airlines Business,” we welcome our esteemed guest Nathaniel Felsher, a renowned advisor to CEOs and industry experts.

Nathaniel Felsher, the founder and CEO of CAVU Management Partners, LLC, brings a wealth of experience. As the former President and Chief Strategy Officer of Aimia Inc. and Global Co-Head of Aviation – Corporate & Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank, he has advised clients in the aviation, travel technology, and transportation infrastructure sectors across the globe.

Join us as we engage in a captivating conversation about the changing dynamics of the aviation industry. We explore the impact of new competition, the evolution of business models, and the transformative power of innovative technologies within the airline sector.

Discover the opportunities and challenges ahead, and gain valuable insights on how early adopters can position themselves for success. Nathaniel Felsher shares his expertise on leveraging AI to strengthen and optimize airline business models.